The Riverside Walk

with the Environment Agency

The Riverside Walk

with the Environment Agency

Take a walk on the wild side.

Working with the Environment Agency, we have curated a walk along the stunning River Glyme to highlight the rich and vibrant wildlife that we have onsite at Blenheim Palace.

To highlight the beauty of the riverside, the Environment Agency have included some exciting features to the Riverside Walk.

River and Catchment Sand Model

An interactive sand pit, engaging visitors to model and sculpt channels and flow water to explore how rivers work! This is a great way to explain natural river processes and begin discussions around catchment management practices including land management, farming, flooding and biodiversity.

What’s in the floodwater?

This is an opportunity to dip into floodwater and see what is lurking beneath. A flood house model is displayed to help visualise flooding and rasie awareness of its impacts.

The Environment Agency team will be there to discuss flood risks, answering questions such as: ‘What do I do during and after a flood? and ‘What can be done to reduce the impact of flooding?’ 

Also, find out your residential area is at risk of a flood, and sign up to warnings via the Environment Agency’s site.

Plastics Pit 

The Plastics Pit is an interactive sandpit: dig up and discover plastics.  The Environment Agency team will be there to give handy tips on how to reduce plastic use, how to find plastic alternatives and update you on the impacts plastics have on the environment.

Pond Dipping 

Making the River Glyme their outdoor laboratory, environment specialists will be pond dipping and analysing the water.

This will include identification of fresh water macro invertebrates and conversations about how such tiny creatures support a rich and diverse environment.

Also in this area, come and meet some special guests! The Environment Agency will be bringing some crayfish along and discussing the impacts of an invasive species on our rivers.

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