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Castle Howard

15 - 18 August 2019

The National Trust Theatre

The National Trust Theatre

Behind every beautiful view, lies a tangle of questions and issues concerning the future of our countryside.

The future of our country is a hot topic. So we’re inviting a range of experts to give discuss it. In the National Trust Theatre, a full schedule of debates, talks and interviews will include farmers, environmentalists, commentators, wildlife experts and outdoor enthusiasts.

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We are the country’s largest conservation charity and we look after many extraordinary places and landscapes, hundreds of miles of coastline, countryside, rivers and woodland across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

We been going for nearly 125 years and we have always cared passionately about the importance of green spaces and countryside and the joy they can bring to people. We want to create a healthier, more beautiful natural environment that is rich in wildlife, good for people, and offers visitors extraordinary experiences in nature.

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