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Castle Howard

15 - 18 August 2019

The O2 Rural Business Theatre

The O2 Rural Business Theatre

Join us at The O2 Rural Business Theatre to discuss and debate the challenges that rural businesses face in the every day running of their companies, from sole traders to large corporations.

Subject matters will range from technology, connectivity, human resources and the issues surrounding young people finding suitable employment in country areas, geographical and transportation challenges, the pressures of solitary working in an agricultural community and so on. We will also be highlighting some positive case studies of rural businesses thriving, as well as facing diverse challenges.

Connectivity Provider

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The Rural Business Group

The Rural Business Group offers business support, inspiration, advice and guidance to rural businesses both large and small. “The Rural Business Group is proud to be working on O2’s exciting new initiative ‘The O2 Rural Business Theatre’, at Castle Howard. We are incredibly passionate about promoting rural businesses, and hope The O2 Rural Business Theatre will be a wonderful platform to share some inspirational stories of rural business owners, as well as offering practical business advice and addressing important rural issues..” - Anna Price and Jemma Clifford, directors of The Rural Business Group.

The O2 Rural Business Theatre

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