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Castle Howard

6 - 9 August 2020

The Wildlife Zone

The Wildlife Zone

Go Wild in the Wildlife Zone

Come on down to Countryfile Live’s Wildlife Zone for all things wild! In 2019, our visitors started at t’Coast and joined Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas team on a journey along the shore to learn about local marine wildlife. Visitors also had a go at our activity exploring marine pollution – can you guess how long it takes for litter to break down in the sea?

In 2019 our Mindfulness Zone was the place to go for a quick time-out and learn about how spending time in nature can benefit your mental health. Next, visitors journeyed up to t’Town to discover how to benefit wildlife right on your doorstep, and played a fun game of whose poo is whose – can you match the garden visitor to their poo? Visitors also learnt about sustainable drainage (SuDs) by building their own mini SuDs in a bottle!

Visitors to Countryfile live finished off at t’Peatlands and helped us revegetate bare peat by throwing moss beanbags on the peatland target. They saw for themselves just how crucial healthy peatlands are to help stop flooding in this hands-on demonstration. All games and demonstrations were running all day.

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