The Jessops Photography Experience

Jessops has retained all the heritage and values of the high street brand that was formed back in 1935 and what it stood for then was making photography accessible to everyone.  

Jessops is a household name with many having fond memories of buying their first camera with Jessops or developing the photos from their very first holiday.

"Jessops is really proud to participate in Countryfile Live this year. We love the fact that Countryfile celebrates people, places and stories, the same way we at Jessops are committed to help our customers tell their own stories through photography. We are excited to welcome this year’s visitors with some amazing experiences that include different activities for photography enthusiasts, children, or really anyone that is looking to have a good time!"

Ian Savage, Head of Jessops Academy

Overlaid with that are the services offered with the Academy Courses. Courses are designed to help everyone at every level get the right image, whether that be a mum looking to capture her child’s first steps or a wildlife lover wanting to capture a big cat in its natural habitat, Jessops courses are designed so that everyone benefits from a one 2 one experience with hands on guidance and help.

Jessops people share their customers’ passion for photography, because they are all photographers too.