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Castle Howard

6 - 9 August 2020



The Graze Inn Sponsor

For more than a hundred years, the Thatchers family has been quietly perfecting the magic that turns apples into cider. Here on Myrtle Farm, as important to our cider as the apples themselves, each generation has passed on the cider-making secrets, like encouraging the bees to pollinate the apple blossom, or looking after the 100-year-old oak vats where the cider matures. 

Nestled at the foot of the Mendip Hills, the Thatchers orchards are our pride and joy. Our very special Exhibition Orchard is home to 458 different varieties of apples that John Thatcher has collected over many years for future generations. We’ve over 500 acres of orchard and these aren’t just home to apples, they provide a habitat for wildlife and provide a stunning addition to the environment. With apples such as Dabinett, Somerset Redstreak and Porters Perfection, as well as some newer varieties such as Angela, Lizzie and Prince William, it’s here that the journey starts, inspired by the heritage and values of our company. At 12.30 every Friday, the Thatchers family taste their next vat of apple cider to make sure it’s as good as it should be and if it’s not, it simply doesn’t leave the farm. That’s why Thatchers is what cider’s supposed to taste like.

"We’re thrilled and excited to be returning to Countryfile Live for a second year! Such a fantastic event supporting everything, that as a family company, we hold dear. We can’t wait to get started."

Martin Thatcher, Fourth Generation Cidermaker

Our flagship brand Thatchers Gold is a full flavoured, medium dry Somerset cider, with a wonderfully rich, golden colour. Thatchers Vintage is well balanced and mature, with a distinctive depth of character, while Thatchers Haze is a premium cloudy cider that has a crisp, sweet finish. Thatchers Katy is a single variety cider crafted from the finest Katy eating apples and Thatchers Rosé, a recent addition to our cider range, is bursting with fruity apple flavours.