Sustainability Policy

BBC Countryfile Christmas in the Park 

Environmental Sustainability Policy Improving our environmental impacts

We are always careful to choose venues for our events that give priority to conserving their environment, and Charlton Park Estate continually aims to improve the sustainability of their extensive picturesque parkland and arable farmland. 

Wildlife conservation is a high priority on the estate and the farm has been in stewardship schemes for over 10 years. 

There are over 78 hectares of managed woodland on the farm and 30 hectares of environmental features such as wild bird food areas and grass margins to increase the declining numbers of wild birds. Plus, the trees on the Christmas tree farm are sustainably grown and harvested, and will be available for sale during the event. 

We are increasing our efforts to minimise our negative environmental impacts year on year. This includes addressing activities we oversee, such as energy use and waste management, and it also includes us working closely with our traders to help them improve on their sustainability. 

We have adopted a Leave no Trace approach across the site. This means we aim for there to be no lasting impact from our presence onsite. We work hard after the events to carefully remove litter and restore the sitesso they can be returned to farmland.

We are also working on increasing benefits to the local economy, whilst reducing the carbon footprint created by travel. 

We mainly use local contractors and businesses, in fact the majority of our contractors come within a 60-mile radius. We encourage our traders to do the same to increase the opportunities for local residents and keep carbon emissions down. 

We hope you will be able to support our efforts in the journey to become greener! 

Here’s some information on what we are doing at the event:  

Waste Management

All waste from our sites is diverted from landfill, recyclables are recycled, and food and general waste are sent to plants where the waste is digested or incinerated to generate energy. 

We intentionally do not fully segregate waste at the event, so it can be efficiently sorted and recycled at Grist Enviromental’s facility. 

Please put waste material into our wheelie bins and Grist Environmental will do the rest! 

Managing Food Waste Traders & Feature Stages 

Food waste from traders is collected and sent to an aerobic digestion plant instead of into landfill. This means the food waste is used to generate electricity and create fertilizer.

Reducing Food Waste

We are proud to be working with a local food bank for BBC Countryfile Christmas in the Park.  Instead of going to waste, surplus food from participating traders, and feature areas run by us, will be collected and donated to charity. 

You can also drop-off surplus fruit, vegetables, drinks dairy, bakery and canned/packaged products at the stand.

Drinking Water

We would appreciate it if you bring a refillable water bottle and use the provided water station on site, which will be located the Park Food Market.  

Please help us conserve water by ensuring that taps are not run for longer than needed and that you turn them off fully. Where possible we have installed auto-stop taps.

Energy Management

We are using one of the most efficient rental generator fleets on the market this year. As our brand new generators are smaller and lighter, there will be fewer trips to get them to and from our sites. These generators are fuel efficient and so have comparatively less carbon emissions. We will further reduce emissions by strictly managing on/off times.

Carbon Emissions

We are reducing our carbon emissions through various initiatives such as our improved generator fleet and waste management. We are completing this by using suppliers who are offsetting emissions from transport of all our equipment and fuel deliveries.  

Single Use Plastic Reduction

We have banned plastic straws. We are working with our traders to help them join our transition to eliminating single use plastics. We’ve helped established an online portal to help traders obtain greener alternatives to plastic and take away containers at a reasonable cost. 

All signage and set pieces are re-used or recyclable.