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Windsor Great Park

20 - 23 August 2020

The National Trust Theatre

The National Trust Theatre

The National Trust Theatre is back!

Looking after nature and tackling climate change together

At this year’s  BBC Countryfile Live, the National Trust will be focusing on the importance of nature to people everywhere. The British countryside gives us joy and relaxation and we need to look after it and keep it healthy – so it can keep us healthy in mind and body. We now know that one of the biggest threats to our countryside and our nature is climate change and this has shot up the political and social agenda. So this year we’ll be hosting big debates on these themes and hearing from movers and shakers from the world of politics, environmentalism  and wildlife and nature. And of course we’ll alsotalking to experts like TV bushman Ray Mears, wildlife presenters Simon King and Lizzie Daly, Pop-star turned farmer JB Gill, and big names from the presenting team of the BBC’s Countryfile programme.

On Thursday, we’ll be addressing climate change and how we can work with nature to find solutions such as  planting more trees; we’ll also be looking at the role of  green consumers and what difference they can make.  Plus, how we can adapt our gardens for the changing climate – while still protecting our wildlife.  We’ll also be examining the role of TV in bringing to life the challenges faced by wildlife and nature.

The focus of Friday’s agenda will be on farming and we’ll be looking at what farmers could do to help with the climate crisis.  And also be examining the questions around how our diet affects the environment – should we, as some argue, eat less meat but what would that mean for nutrition and farming?

Saturday’s theme is everyone needs nature – and we’ll be focusing particularly on children who have less and less direct contact with the natural world . We’ll also be talking to young people who are campaigning to save our planet and our wildlife – the prospective David Attenborough’s of the future.

And, finally, on Sunday, we’ll be looking at nature in our towns and cities, the importance of urban green spaces and trees. How our gardens could provide a sanctuary for wildlife in our urban jungles and also how to spot the animals that live amongst us.

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The National Trust is the country’s largest conservation charity and it looks after many extraordinary places and landscapes, hundreds of miles of coastline, countryside, rivers and woodland across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

The charity has been going for nearly 125 years and has always cared passionately about the importance of green spaces and countryside and the joy they can bring to people. It aims to create a healthier, more beautiful natural environment that is rich in wildlife, good for people, and offers visitors extraordinary experiences in nature.

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