The Dog Lovers’ Arena Sponsor

Vet charity PDSA has been a lifeline for sick and injured pets since 1917. We’ve provided a staggering 100 million free treatments to more than 20 million pets over the last century and we touch the lives of more pets and owners than any other animal welfare organisation.

At PDSA we provide life-saving vet care for the pets of people on low incomes. We deliver this vital service though our 48 Pet Hospitals, located throughout the UK in areas of greatest need. We also support owners in need through our PetCare service, delivered to eligible pet owners via local private vet practices.

As well as carrying out life-saving treatment we improve pet wellbeing by preventing disease and by educating owners. Many of the illnesses and injuries our vets treat every day could be prevented, which is why we are so passionate about vaccinating, microchipping, neutering and all other preventive measures which keep our beloved pets out of harm’s way. 

"Our vets and nurses can’t wait to meet all the adorable doggies and their best friends at BBC Countryfile Live. The Dog Lovers’ Arena will have something for everyone, whether you have two legs or four! Keep an eye out for our brand new PetWise vehicle, where you can take part in Pet First Aid demonstrations and get a free wellbeing check for your dog. Plus we’ll be joined by some very special hero animals, who have received special awards from PDSA for their bravery and devotion. We look forward to seeing you there!"

PDSA vet Paul Manktelow

And while there’s no doubt that everyone adores their pets, it’s vital that we help educate all owners about animals’ welfare needs, so we can provide everything they need to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Today PDSA is a leading authority on all things pet health: whether its leading the debate on pet obesity, conducting Britain’s biggest annual pet wellbeing survey, raising the status of animals or simply celebrating their contribution to our lives.

This success is all down to our fantastic people: our devoted vets, nurses, charity shop workers, fundraisers, volunteers and support staff. And with no Government funding it’s thanks to the public’s generous backing that we can keep millions of pets enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness.

Come and see us at Countryfile Live for some great pet First Aid advice - and if you have a dog with you, why not bring them along for a free MOT with one of our vet team?